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Additive (Irregular) Meters

I think that it would be a great idea to have the ability to use irregular meters, like 3+2+2/8 (a subdivision of 7/8). Maybe it would be cool if the meters were able to be customized so you can create pieces with obscure rhythmic patterns.

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under review  ·  AdminRobin McClellan (Admin, Noteflight) responded  · 

You can get this effect by using the overall time signature you need (such as 7/8) and then using beams to show the rhythmic groupings you want.

BUT it seems like you are talking specifically about how the time signature is displayed. For example, the one you mentioned would look like this:


This is not necessarily standard notation, but it is used sometimes. We would consider it but because you can already get the music to sound and read in the way you want, in the most standard way, it may not be a priority for us.

Please add more detail in the comments so we can understand what is more important to you: the way it’s displayed (we don’t already do this), or the ability to write the rhythms you want (we do already do this).



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  • Alex S commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Maybe I can shed some clarity on the request.

    I play balkan music and pretty much every piece is organized into groups of 2s and 3s, even the stuff that is in 4/4. By default when in 4/4 the eight notes are grouped 2+2+2+2, but the pulse in balkan music is 3+3+2. To help communicate that pulse to the musician, it would be nice to group the eight notes as 3+3+2 instead of 2+2+2+2.

    From a practical perspective, manually changing one measure in 4/4 from a 2+2+2+2 grouping to a 3+3+2 takes at least 6 mouse/keyboard clicks. Changing a single 7/8 measure which groups eight notes a 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 by default to the more common 2+2+3 grouping takes about 9 mouse/keyboard click.

    These clicks add up quickly, don't always copy/paste correctly, or get deleted while editing, taking up tons of time that should be spent composing. I easily spend 1/3rd of my time in note flight editing grouped notes rather than focusing on composing.

    To rephrase the request above. Do not add a non standard time signature feature, that's only useful to a limit audience, instead, add the ability to define the note groupings for the time signature tool that you already have.

    Robin McClellan, if you need any more clarification or examples. Please ask.



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