I wish Noteflight would...

Add and fix ALOT of things.

I love NoteFlight, I'm on it when I'm not on anything else (which is often). I like making music. I don't like limits to my music. That is the current situation and it is for the following reasons.

There are some instruments that I would really love to use in NoteFlight (and lots of other people too), so it would be AWESOME if you could add the following instruments (please):

Bowed Strings: Fiddle

Woodwinds: Harmonica, Recorder, Samba Whistle and Slide Whistle

Brass: Baritone/Euphonium and Flugelhorn

Keyboards: Accordion, Clavinet and Polysynth

Percussion: Agogo Bells, Bodhran, Brake Drum, Claves, Crotales, Electronic Drum, Gong/Tam Tams, Handbells, Maracas/Egg Shaker, QUAD Toms, Rainstick, Slap Stick, Tambourine, Triangle, Tubular Bells/Chimes/Church Bells, Vibraslap, Wind Chimes, Wood Block, Zills/Finger Cymbals.....

.....and all sorts of drums originating from different cultures, like the Djembe from West Africa.

And now, the actual instruments.

There should be Mutes added to Brass instruments as making them quiet won't account for the jazzy nasal effect given off from Brass instruments with Mutes.

Another thing that needs to be fixed, ironically, is that the Saxophones are too nasal/squeaky and much too loud. I understand there is a mixer, but I want them to still be heard as the mixer puts them aside completely.

Which brings me to this: The French Horn is much too quiet and some of the brass instruments, like Trumpets, are just a tad too loud. They sorta take the spotlight and drown out the Woodwinds (except Saxophones for the more severe version of this reason as I stated earlier).

Now, Percussion wise.

The Timpani sounds like drum sticks are hitting it, rather than soft, puffy mallets as it is intended. And there is no proper roll for Timpani, the tremolos make it sound choppy, like a glitch from an old video game. You should also add a checkbox for which mallet type to use on specific instruments, like switching Birch Mallets to Hard Rubber Mallets on the Xylophone. Birch, Hard Rubber, Plastic, Yarn and Acrylic Mallets are just some off the top of my head.

You should also add Suspended Cymbals and make a proper roll for them and add an amazing entrance effect in various parts of music. And add a "Scrape w/coin" effect on the Suspended Cymbals. Also, the rolls should be added to all drums, not only the Marching Snare and Bass. The Tremolos are too choppy with this one too. And make the Rolls louder!

Speaking of effects, the Bass Drum. It has no resonance, no vibration. It’s just a short *thud* when it should be a *bang* with vibrations carrying on. Their effects such as hitting the center and normally as hitting off-center should be added to the dampened effect. There should also be proper rolls, of course.

Now, to the Dynamics and Articulations.

The Glissando. It's pretty choppy though. It should be smoother and if you could add a more recognizable line, like the original squiggly line instead of a straight line, that would be great. But the Articulations and Dynamics have some problems too. Mordents and turns don't work, as well as Marcato and Staccatissimo articulations not playing altogether. Staccato is too short, ironically. Also, notes don't tie when returning or entering Codas and Segnos, so that's just another small problem. Something else that would make a nice addition is Multiple Measure Repeats, resembling the repeat symbol with each slash representing the previous measure repeated, as well as the number of measures repeated above the symbol. The symbols representing 2 or more repeated measures would have the symbol placed in the middle of the 1st and 2nd measure for "Repeat last 2 measures", the symbol for "Repeat last 3 measures" would be in the 2nd measure of the measures repeated so it is centered, and the "Repeat last 4 measures" symbol would be placed in between the 2nd and 3rd measure to be centered. Any other "Repeat last # measures" symbol that is greater than 4 would typically have the original "Repeat last measure" symbol with the number of repeated measures atop, as well as being in the middle of the measure of its measure set being repeated

Here is an example of the "Repeat last # measures"


resembles "Repeat last 4 measures"

______________ 2_______________

resembles "Repeat last 2 measures"


resembles "Repeat last 7 measures"

And in addition to those problems, the following dynamics/articulations are not added or not played:

Poco Forte/Subito Forte [a little loud] (pF/sF): Slightly louder than the other notes, accented basically.

Subito Piano [suddenly quiet] (sub. P): Almost instantly quiet, essentially a reverse accent.

Rinforzato/Rinforzando [Getting louder, then suddenly quiet] (rF, rFz): Multiple notes emphasized before quickly receding to a quiet tone and , essentially a reverse Fortepiano, a crescendo leading to a sudden decrescendo, and Rinforzando having a more emphasized crescendo.

Sforzato/Sforzando [Very loud and elongated] (sFz,sFFz, sFFFz): A note with a strong emphasis and full value played, a Marcato and a Tenuto, with each (F) increasing emphasis.

Fortepiano/Sforzando Piano [Loud at first, then immediately quiet] (fP, sFzp, sFp, sFpp): A note beginning with an immediate and swift decrescendo to a very quiet dynamic, typically followed by a crescendo gradually bringing it up again. Sforzando Piano has an accented than Fortepiano and each (p) further emphasizes the sudden volume decrease.

That's pretty much everything I have wrong with NoteFlight, and lots of other people. I would enjoy NoteFlight much more if all of these problems were fixed. I spent about 6+ hours editing (and re-editing/re-posting) and adding more problems I can think of in hopes of your team recognizing and fixing them. I am sure that some of these problems have already been stated by other people and maybe some of them may have already been fixed, but I am trying to bring more attention to the problems that aren't fixed! Thanks for reading!

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